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Frans van Gerwen


Van Gerwen for a Change is an independent consulting and training company owned and managed by Frans van Gerwen.
Frans van Gerwen provides consulting and training services in international development cooperation for a wide range of clients in the public, private and NGO sector world-wide. Frans van Gerwen has 30 years of experience in project development, management, review and evaluation, particularly in the area of multi-stakeholder cooperation and partnerships and in capacity development.

Frans believes that development can only be sustainable when initiatives are built primarily upon local resources and knowledge. Good consulting services are based upon effective mining of and tapping in on these local resources. This requires ownership and participation of all relevant local stakeholders, with due respect for cultural diversity. Sustainable development also requires partnerships and cooperation between all relevant stakeholders. Real development is synonymous with change and transformation. This requires creative, open, flexible and courageous approaches. These principles characterise the approach of Frans van Gerwen and is embedded in all services of Van Gerwen for a Change.

Frans is well aware of the value of networks and exchange of experiences and insights of development experts in North and South. Van Gerwen for a Change therefore is part of a wider network of companies of individual consultants and larger service providers operating in the international development sector.


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